Defective Part(s) Claim Form

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This claim form is for Defective Parts only. If you are submitting a claim for the following, please click on the choice below to go to the correct form:

If you need replacement parts, please submit a PO as you normally would. You can provide that PO # in the request below and you will be credited back to that PO.

    DO NOT SCRAP PARTS UNTIL RMA HAS BEEN RECEIVED. The RMA will advise you whether to field scrap or return the part to Bosch. To avoid delays and issues with credit, please do not discard defective parts until claim is complete. 

      Defective Parts Warranty Claim

      Unit/Part Information

      Ex. GB142, KBR42, G115, etc. Please do not enter a product number.

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      Requesting Labor Reimbursement?
      If Yes, please upload the Labor Invoice (NOT the labor allowance form).

      Maximum file size: 268.44MB

      Please provide a detailed reason for failure. Do not enter "failed" or just the C# from Tech Support.

      Parts Info:

      For additional parts, click the "Add" button.
      Use this field to provide info you would like added to RMA for reference.

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      Once the claim is submitted, you will receive an email with your claim #.
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