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Select the form below to begin filing a claim. If you are unsure what form to use, visit our Resources page, or contact us for assistance.

FAQs to help you get started.

Why file with TSS and not directly through Bosch?

Filing with TSS allows us to have visibility of the entire claim process. Should an issue arise, we can jump in and help. In most cases, we are able to handle any issues without even contacting you. This creates a stress-free process for you!

OK I filed a claim, now what?

Once you file a claim through us, you’ll receive a copy of your submission via email. Once we process the claim, you will receive another email with your Bosch claim #.

If Bosch has any questions that we cannot answer, we will reach out to you for additional information. 

After it’s complete, we will email you both the RMA and credit. That’s it!

How long does the process take?

Depending on your claim type (defective/damage, etc.) the processing time varies. On average, we are seeing claim turnaround time between 3-10 days to receive the RMA. 

What if I filed a claim through Bosch directly, but now I need help?

No problem! You can contact us at warranty@tssassociatesinc.com with the claim # and what you need help with. We will contact Bosch directly and discuss any issues. 

How can I check if a unit is under warranty before I file a claim?

You can either contact us at warranty@tssassociatesinc.com with the unit model name, serial number and date of install, or you can visit Bosch Spare Parts and run the serial number for confirmation.

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